Traditionally, marketing communications has been about the creation and execution of printed marketing collateral.

In today’s digital age the printed word continues to be an important communication tool — but it is not the only one.

So, as well as helping commercial clients with traditional material such as brochures, case studies and press releases,  these days I spend an increasing amount of time working on  digital collateral – PowerPoint presentations, content for websites and blogs, and sales messages for Flash animations.

Recent work includes:

  • An investor pitch for a Chinese cleantech startup, which was presented at a leading institutional investor conference.
  • Investor presentation for Uber-like startup looking to disrupt the US home services sector
  • Webcopy for Dubai DIFC-based investment house
  • Blog posts for US financial software firm specialized in portfolio management for hedge funds
  • Charge point management solution for electric vehicle scheme operators. Key deliverables – 8-page brochure, PowerPoint presentation and web page.
  • Suite of next-generation business support systems for telcos covering revenue management, charging and mediation functions. Key deliverables – 4-page brochures, PowerPoint presentations and web page.

To see some examples of my commercial writing skills Click Here

My marcoms skills were honed working in Italy  for Olivetti, a once shining star in Europe’s tech industry that made great typewriters but lousy computers.

Olivetti is with us no more, but the experience gave me valuable insight into the working of hi-tech  marcoms and also the challenges facing Europe’s technology sector — and it meant I got to work for a spell in Silicon Valley.

Web page, Flash animation and downloadable brochure for an advanced energy trading solution

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